RHYME SO’s Brilliant ‘Fashion Blogger’ Pokes Fun at Fashion + Social Media Excess

Images by Sarai Mari 



Being just on the other side of the New York, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks, perhaps allows for at least a small measure of…ironic distance. And so the glorious new RHYME SO single “Fashion Blogger” can just be enjoyed for its joyfully sardonic brilliance.

The duo of Australian singer RHYME and Mondo Grosso’s Shinichi Osawa is kind of unexpected; but the track itself is an impossibly infectious mix of sexed up funk riffs and ’80s club culture, with smart-alecky lyrics about fashion world self-importance, and obsession with social media.



RHYME SO explain it as, “Our main point in ‘Fashion Blogger’ is to share a widely talked about commentary but make it…you know…fun. A way to urge people to take themselves less seriously and get off the excess, unnecessary social media that may harm mental health.”

The accompanying video is a riotous glam skate-off, with RHYME going up against Drag Race star Milk (both actually used to be professional figure skaters). Between the former’s deadpan performance, the latter’s unabashed showiness, and the hilarious, condescending indifference of the judges, it’s our absolutely favorite thing right now.


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