Retail Renegade: Crossdressing at Eryn Brinié

Considering it’s been open just about a year, the Eryn Brinié store has been gaining credible cult status, making it a perfect playground for this week’s installment of Retail Renegade. The Soho institution quietly sits on Broadway between Spring and Broome, but open the doors and as far as the party goes, you’ll see why what’s on the inside counts more than what’s out.

Not one to typically wear women’s clothing, save for the occasional pair of better-fitting lowrise jeans, at first I was unsure how I’d display all my fun Eryn Brinié finds, but the spunk of the shopgirls convinced me trying on a few frocks would be more fun than I had anticipated. Greeting me at the door was the ebullient Toyin Graham, whom I took to be Eryn Briniés very own resident cheerleader. A handshake and two air kisses later we were traipsing around the store and picking out all sorts of summer essentials. But before we got all sorts of serious, I asked Toyin a few questions.


Where are you from? I live in Brooklyn, but originally from Texas.

What are you wearing nowadays? My personal style lately has been very boho girly. I love flowing, chiffony pieces, and it’s all about keeping it lightweight.

What’s one trend you only see in New York City? Men in skinny jeans.

What current trend just annoys the hell out of you? Uggs in the summer [Editor’s note: she didn’t even have to think about this one].

If you could be any designer for a day, who would it be? Roberto Cavalli.


And so commenced my tour of Eryn Brinié. The rainy weather made the girls even more hellbent on celebrating summer, so we started with everybody’s favorite maxi dress. Perfect for any occasion, day or night, an evening in the West Village, or weekend spent Hamptons-hopping.


This watercolor beauty was calling my name like a box o’ popsicles, and that mondo carryall bag could’ve doubled as the perfect picnic basket.


We were all about channeling the channel in this nautical number.


I was searching far and wide for the perfect bag, and this safari vest made the journey that much easier. Unfortunately, this mannequin found it before I did.


Lastly, the girls got a chance to dress me up in their love, and though the vest may be a tad tight, I’m still in love with the look! So next time you find yourself prancing around that fashionable district nestled away south of Houston, make sure Eryn Brinié’s marked on your agenda!

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