Reebok Classic Releases ‘GLOW’ Inspired High Tops


This month, GLOW returns to Netflix for season two. Based on the ’80s wrestling show of the same name (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), the scripted adaptation follows 12 actresses as they start an all-women’s wrestling league. It’s full of ’80s music, ’80s hair, and ’80s style.

To celebrate the new season, GLOW has partnered with Reebok Classic – and drawing inspiration from the show and the era, they’ve released two new models of the Freestyle Hi. It will also be worn by multiple characters in the show’s upcoming season.



The updated version of the Freestyle Hi embraces the pastel palette that was so popular during the ’80s. One model even comes in a rose gold color, and the other comes in white with pink, green, and yellow accents.

The Freestyle Hi is one of Reebok’s most iconic shoes, its first marketed to women in 1982. It’s the perfect model to celebrate the strong women of GLOW, as well as women around the world. So, wear it for your next wrestling match or just to look cute while running around town.

The GLOW-inspired Freestyle Hi is now available at Reebok for $85.

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