Ray-Ban Adds Some Color to New York

Ray-Ban, discontent with merely shielding your rods and cones from the sun, has decided to turn New York into an art gallery of sorts. In conjunction with Marie Claire, and the launch of their “super cool” (their words, not ours) new colored Wayfarer sunglasses, Ray-Ban has commissioned five NYC-based artists (Ron English, Tara McPherson, Scott Alger, Queen Andrea, and Toofly) to create a billboard each. The billboards will incorporate the new colored Wayfarer with the artists’ personal styles, and will be unveiled on July 1st. There’ll be a party that day at Henri Bendel, with the artworks in store windows. But because there’s really no limits when promoting sunglasses, Ray-Ban is organizing a top-secret stunt on July 1st for Ron English’s billboard that will literally stop traffic. Wait, traffic in this city actually moves?

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