Rare First Images: New Bowie Book ‘When Ziggy Played the Marquee’

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When David Bowie was lost to us on January 10, 2016, he entered a cultural pantheon, also counting the likes of Michelangelo, Shakespeare and Picasso as members, regarding whom there will never be enough ways we can look back and consider how they reshaped the way we see, well…everything.

Ziggy Stardust was a watershed, of course. Earth and space, male and female, God and god, as well as the very idea of the human spectacle were all turned inside out and sideways back again, by this magnificent character through which Bowie channeled his voracious appetites for art, science, fashion, drugs and, most importantly, rock & roll. And this landmark new book, When Ziggy Played the Marquee (out October 16 through ACC Publishing), brilliantly, thrillingly captures the entire bizarre extravaganza (from stage to backstage and back again) during one night in London, autumn 1973 – via striking images by photographer Terry O’Neill.

Interspersed is fascinating commentary from French model-singer – and Bowie collaborator – Amanda Lear; Suzi Ronson, wife of guitarist Mick and creator of the iconic Ziggy hairstyle; kindred spirit drag-punk Jayne County; and, of course, O’Neill himself. But it is the photos themselves which tell the story of a moment of cultural revolution that will surely never, ever be equalled.

“He took it all too far…”