This Is What It’s like to Go to NYFW with a Teen Idol

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Peyton List is just 16, but she’s already a NYFW veteran. When I meet her at Lincoln Center an hour before the Nanette Lepore show, I’m greeted by a striking and charismatic girl, tall with sleek straight blonde hair, List wears a striking and very-on-trend powder blue suit jacket by Lepore, open low, but held secure with tape. Still, “this is low for me!” she says. The bottom half of the suit? A pair of impossibly chic culottes. One ear is adorned with an oversized gemstone-cluster-cuff by Campbell and her wrists are stacked with bangles from Campbell and Bendel. Amongst other, older, and probably more NYFW-seasoned celebs in the front row at Lepore, I swear I’m not being biased when I say List wins best dressed. An opinion, which, by the way, is confirmed when Bill Cunningham comes over and snaps a pic.

This is List’s last day on the NYFW circuit–just four or five hours after we leave Nanette’s after party at the Dream Downtown, she’ll board a plane and resume shooting her Disney series, Jessie. But before the show even begins, we sat down to chat in the Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge at Lincoln Center. List is a fan of Lepore’s and we’re both looking forward to seeing Lepore’s daughter who is about the same age as Peyton, walk in her mother’s show tonight. “I follow her on instagram!” List exclaims and is genuinely happy snapping pics of her pal for BlackBook’s Instagram.

She’s already hit the front row at L.A.M.B., Lacoste, Mara Hoffman, and the Project Runway show–to name a few, wearing progressively better and better looks. List talks about fashion like a pro–She loved the hot pink and teal eyeliner at L.A.M.B., and she’s all ready to wear Mara Hoffman’s new collection.

“At Mara Hoffman,” she says, “I could tell her inspirations from the second the show started–the lights came up slowly, like a sunrise, and she had cactuses back there.” All her clothes were so “practical, I would walk out of the house in any of them! I loved the pants with the leaves on them!”

List is actually a NYC native–Red Hook at that. She speaks of gourmet NYC pizza with aplomb– “I like Grimaldi’s and Lucali,” and authentically enough to make anyone believe she still lives here, rather than in L.A. where she moved three years ago. When she comes back to visit, she picks up cannolis at Court Street Pastry. In between shows, she’s been doing her history homework–and trying to get a bit of sleep.

How many hours did you sleep last night?

Seven hours!

That’s pretty good!

The night before it was like, three!

What beauty product is making it look like you got twice that?

Ooh! Good question! Laura Mercier concealer!

Favorite mid-day food break?

Smoothies from The Bean!

How are you keeping your phone charged?

You know what–there’s this really cool charger that my mom gave me right before I left, you just carry it around and–also in taxis! And the car service.

How far would you go for a selfie?

(Laughs) Not too far–I’m not too desperate!

What else is in your bag?

I’m loving the L’Oréal Manga mascara, it makes my lashes look so long!

Favorite song right now?

(Singing) “Anaconda”

Can’t wait to see you next season, Peyton!

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