Pete Doherty Designs Jewelry Line; Can We Keep Our Drugs In it?

Somewhere between Pete Doherty’s daily rotation between court, jail, and rehab, he carved out a bit of time to produce a unisex line of jewelry with Hannah Martin, formerly of Cartier. The collection is called Albion Trinketry and includes cufflinks, rings, and necklaces. If his uncomfortable posing at the launch is any indication, we’re as unsure about Pete’s credibility as a designer as he is.

From the images we’ve seen, the line is masculine and vintage-inspired, with heavy chains and pendants and large chunky rings. Fans of Pete Doherty’s style may find the line appealing, but you’d be hard-pressed to find many pictures of Pete not wearing a wife beater and blazer. To each his own, I suppose. To his credit, the jewelry line could be considered an attempt to clean up his act and get his life back on track. He reportedly spent yesterday in court in London though, so maybe not.

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