Paris Still Does ‘Effortless Cool’ Better Than Anyone

Similar to many fledgling fashionistos, French menswear designer Alexandre Mattiussi was first inspired to design clothes for his friends to wear, eschewing the fussy and overly technical menswear so common in luxury retail these days. Mattiussi’s background in fashion gave him a marked advantage, though — he cut his teeth at Dior, Givenchy, and Marc Jacobs, giving him plenty of experience in the high-fashion world to refine his minimal aesthetic.

The debut presentation last week was so casual that some of the editors were uncertain which men were modeling the clothes and which were simply hanging out at the Paris bar where the event was staged. Calling the line AMI, which translates from French to “friend”, Mattiussi’s collection features classic garments that won’t break the bank, or fall apart in months–perfect for the men who want to spend as little time and energy on clothes as possible, while still maintaining a groomed appearance. And if the “friend” theme hadn’t been drilled into our heads enough, Mattiussi plans to release limited-edition friend collaborations down the road. Mattiussi plans to open a store in Paris within the year, but major retailers are already eyeing the premiere collection. We’ve got our fingers crossed for a potential “Petit AMI” line in the near future for all the jealous girlfriends.

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