Oscar Fashion: Shiny But Dull

There was no shortage of sparkle at the Oscars last night. Seemingly every major actress got the same memo: bling is back. That, or mimic the red carpet and don floor length scarlet frocks. From Carrie Mulligan’s over-sized diamond earrings and sparkly black Prada number, to Zoe Saldana’s crystal-encrusted bodice (which topped off an abundance of pouf) and Sandy Bullock’s sheer and crystal combo, there was nary a non-sparkly dress in the joint. Some of the shine was brought on by way of borderline too much metallic (ahem, Julianne Moore). Even the nameless gowned ladies handing over Oscars followed suit.

But perhaps vying for worst, highly-reflective dress of the night was Sarah Jessica Parker’s an ivory silk Chanel haute couture dress. Her diamond encrusted bodice would have been better served as a table arrangement. The ladies in red, on the other hand, included Penelope Cruz, Sigourny Weaver, George Clooney’s date Elisabetta Canalis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Vera Farmiga among others.

Overall, choices at last night’s event were irritatingly homogenous. Dresses on the whole seemed to wear the wearers as opposed to the other way around. Jennifer Lopez, for one, looked as though she’d been attacked by a roll of bubble wrap from the waist down. Charlize Theron’s purple Dior dress, which had large rosettes over each breast, felt a bit bizarre for the occassion. One takeaway from the night: Robert Downey Jr.’s over-sized teal bow with thick-rimmed glasses whose lenses were tinted the same shade. RDJ nailed what too many attendees’ outfits overlooked: a sense of humor.

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