Oh, Good: ‘Downton Abbey’ is Launching a Fashion & Home Line

Taking full advantage of the world’s obsessions with all things retro, the folks at Downton Abbey thought it was prime time to launch a lifestyle line. Executive producer Gareth Neame reveals that the team behind the PBS period drama is "working across an entire range of products coming out this year. From fashion, apparel, and homeware and furniture to wallpaper, beauty products, and stationary." In other words, some Crawley-crazed fan out there must be stoked that their life is about to get completely turnt up with Downton-inspired everything.

According to Stylecaster, Vanity Fair, NBC Universal has tapped Knockout Licensing to produce the branded merch. Hey, isn’t that the same company creating 50 Shades of Grey‘s lingerie line? No word yet on a release date or design details, but we’re guessing that this Pinterest board pretty much covers what to expect.

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