NYFW: Tome, Louder Than Clothes

Tome delivered a strong woman at New York Fashion Week. She was as steadfast as she was global, but light on her feet. She always has places to go but could wander. She didn’t just love art, she was it. She wore it all over and celebrated her diversity, and empathy for one another. And she’s so much fun.

While that is a lot to say about a model walking down the runway, it makes perfect sense once you understand Tome’s family of muses, a list that includes Tina Chow, Pina Bausch, Madonna and Louise Bourgeois.



Celebrating its fifth year, Tome showed no shortage of ideas; but it was the simplicity of their message and an inclusive cast that carried it down the runway. A  forty-seven look collection that resonated with their audience.

Co-designer Ramon Martin closed the show backstage with, “this collection is for every woman.”

Surely, that’s what mattered most.


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