10 Questions for #NYFW with Actress Bella Thorne

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Bella Thorne in Miu Miu on set with BlackBook EIC Jacob Brown. Image via

Between takes on the set of a film project with our Editor-in-Chief Jacob Brown, actress Bella Thorne, took the time to chat NYFW with us.

How many hours did you sleep last night?

6 hours

What beauty product is making it look like you got twice that?

My under eye concealer from Neutrogena.

Favorite mid-day food break?

I will eat anything that doesn’t eat me! My favorite is pizza but it hasn’t been agreeing with my skin lately.

How are you keeping your phone charged?

It is always dying on me. If I forget to bring a charger, I have to borrow one…

Last thing you texted?

“My phone is about to die.”

How far would you go for a selfie?

I will keep taking the selfie until I am pleased with the results. Lighting is key.

Favorite show you’ve seen?

Jeremy Scott was so much fun and so was Versus.

Favorite item you wore to NYFW?

I’m in love with my sweater from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Any memorable NYFW moments?

Every moment is memorable in NY! Sitting on Miley’s lap was on the top of the list and so was meeting Rihanna.

What are you doing to “detox” from the craziness?

Well, I am going to LA before heading to Milan so I can sleep and get some cardio in. I did manage to make it to Soul Cycle while in NYC. Working out is a great release.