Nicki Minaj at Your Fingertips

Celebrities endorse all sorts of things that have little or nothing to do with their chosen field and really don’t make sense when you think about it. This applies to nearly everyone with a fragrance, which in entertainment industry is nearly everyone. But occasionally there is a match made in product heaven that’s not only fitting, but actually an inspired idea. Such is the Nicki Minaj nail polish line.

Minaj has branded herself fun and funky and colorful, just like nail polish. Teamed with OPI, who also release a “shattered” collection with Katy Perry, they’ve named each color after a song, including “Metal 4 Life,” “Fly,” “Save Me,” “Did It On Em,” and “Super Bass Shatter”.


In real, identifiable colors this translates to glittery grey, shimmery pink, rainbow sparkle, aquamarine, lime, and a deep purple topcoat that cracks. The line doesn’t have a release date, but in the meantime she has a lipstick line with M.A.C that’s available now.

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