New Ferragamo Virtual Tour is the Trip to Florence + Rome We Can’t Take Right Now



Whilst this insidious pandemic has definitively focused our attention on a sense of responsibility to the health of our surrounding community, if we’re allowed a moment of self-indulgence, we’ll admit that one thing we’ll most definitely be missing in 2020 is that moment of touching down in our beloved Italia. And as the EU has just admonished America with a necessary and perfectly understandable travel ban, it seems nothing short of a fait accompli.

Our friends at Ferragamo must have sensed this, as they have worked seemingly tirelessly to create this fascinating and visually exquisite new virtual gateway into the world of the exalted Italian fashion house. First, a beautifully captured digital tour of their recently renovated and design-focused flagship on Rome’s Via Condotti (separated by men’s and women’s), closely replicates the actual in-person shopping experience. It’s so realistic we almost thought we could walk out the front door and over to the The Antico Caffè Greco for a morning espresso.



But perhaps even more excitingly, they have created a stunningly vivid virtual tour (narrated in both Italian and English) of the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence. It takes viewers from the Piazza di Santa Trinita at which it is located, on into the museum itself, where the current exhibition Sustainable Thinking thought-provokingly mediates on our increasingly distressing relationship with nature and our environment. One can then detour into the permanent collection, which gorgeously and edifyingly tells the rich history of the Ferragamo brand (including the shoe models of movie stars like Audrey Hepburn and Greta Garbo).

Surely nothing could completely replicate the experience of actually being in Roma or Firenze—we miss the scents in the air, the sounds of the people. But with our worlds having gotten a lot smaller these last few months, taking a digital tour with Ferragamo will surely be distinctly good for our weary souls.


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