New Exhibit ‘Photographers…Artists and the Snap Cardigan’ Pays Homage to the agnès b. Fashion Classic

Image by Claude Lévêque



Almost every magazine has published (at least) one article promising to reveal the secrets of “French-girl style”—and they all, inevitably, get it wrong. Simply outfitting oneself in a striped tee and crimson lip gloss won’t instantly result in the je ne se quoi that so many French women effortlessly exude.

While the answers to Paris’ sartorial mysteries may remain locked in a vault several meters beneath the Louvre (or perhaps the former Colette flagship space), one simple garment—the agnès b. Snap Cardigan—has proved to be more art-worthy than the simple French wardrobe inspiration.


Image by Ed Templeton


Now, in an ode to the 40th anniversary this timeless garment, more than 70 luminaries in art, film, and photography have come together to offer their interpretation of said garment. The exhibit, pithily titled Photographers … Artists and the Snap Cardigan, features contributions by cultural luminaries such as Juergen Teller, David Lynch, Ryan McGinness, Jim Jarmusch and Carly Steinbrunn. This show echoes previous snap cardigan exhibitions at the Galerie du Jour in Paris in 1986, and at the Centre Pompidou in 1996.

“I had the idea for the exhibition when I saw people making the garment their own,” agnès b. herself explains, “adapting it to their personal style. It occurred to me that photographers are never given the same subject, and that they would each have their own vision of the [Snap Cardigan]. Their response was enthusiastic, and the result is beautiful. I am extremely grateful.”

Photographers … Artists and the Snap Cardigan opens in New York on February 8th at 195 Chrystie Street, and remains on show through March 1st, before making stops in Tokyo and Hong Kong.


Above images from top: David Lynch, Juergen Teller, Kenta Cobayashi
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