A Power Couple of English Roses

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THIS is what I call a power couple. Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, two British icons, appear together for the first time for what may be the most iconic British fashion house. This campaign launches Burberry’s new fragrance: My Burberry. The “My” is due to the fact that the bottles can be custom monogrammed to further up the luxe factor.

The fragrance is said to be inspired by the smell of an English garden after the rain, so naturally, Moss and Delevingne wear Burberry trenches. Even the bottle echoes the coats with a gabardine ribbon and horn-effect cap meant to evoke the the trench fabric and the buttons, respectively.

The whole thing is so full of all I love about England that even without a monogrammed bottle of my own, I can almost smell the (English) roses.


Images courtesy of Burberry