Miuccia Prada Goes Gay

After citing the inspiration for her men’s fall 2009 collection as “survival” and producing a walking army of leather and metal hardware, Miuccia Prada has turned to what is most likely the most legitimate fanbase of her more eccentric collection pieces: none other than the New York gays. Prada was spotted parading around uberhip eco-club Greenhouse this past Sunday during club promoter Susanne Bartsch’s biggest gay party of the week.

Catching other fashionables like Richie Rich or one of the Blonds twirling their wigs to 90s remixes wouldn’t turn much of a head, but Miuccia Prada knits a different tale. Known for attracting club kids channeling more Michael Alig (read: tranny makeup, androgyny and body glitter galore) than Chelsea proper, Sunday night’s crowd must have provided Prada with all the inspiration she needed, as it’s arguably the city’s biggest costume party. As we slip on our spiked loafers, we can’t help but wonder if the end result of Prada’s venture into the land of muscle and honey will yield a runway presentation for men or women. One can only hope the woman who can tie the effeminate with greasy masculinity in a neat bow will deliver equally to both racks.

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