Get More Than You Bargained for with Miranda July’s New Bag

To be honest, I spend a lot of time thinking about the “curation” of the perfect bag. Given the responsibilities my job includes, I often find myself away from any kind of desk for hours on end, and, try as I might, somehow never quite have the bandaid/granola bar/Tylenol I need when I need it.

With The Miranda bag, a limited edition collaboration between Miranda July and  WELCOMECOMPANIONS, which debuted last night at Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles, some of the stress is eliminated thanks to a host of items Miranda has curated for you herself. The selection is a combination of the obviously practical and dramatically whimsical (a description many of us might apply to July and her work). These items range from a secret pocket for a $20 bill, because “robbers will never take the time to find it,” and an almond pocket–because of course–“always keep almonds on you, even just one could save you from a total low blood sugar spiral/crash/freakout” to Miranda’s multipurpose cards, available separately for $22. Example: “Let’s be honest, the conversation we are having right now is not that interesting for either of us. I suggest we shake hands and go find other people to talk to.” Sure, the bag is a casual $1725, but carrying Miranda July’s signature wit and of course preparedness (the bag also contains homeopathic stress remedies)—is obviously priceless.

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