Milan Digital Fashion Week: Ferragamo Sets the Standard For Virtual Presentations



With the raft of pandemic-caused virtual art fairs (Frieze just announced it was even canceling its physical London flagship event in October), it was inevitable that fashion weeks would ultimately go the same way. And so Milan Fashion Week has indeed gone digital, with a summer special edition taking place this week, July 14 – 17 specifically—and with a program presented entirely on the Camera Della Moda platform.

When it was announced in May, Carlo Capasa, president of the Camera della Moda, told Vogue: “Everybody can decide their own message. The advantage is that in a digital world, you are completely free. You find your way of expression. We said to everybody, ‘You have from one minute to 15 minutes, and you decide what you want to show.’”



Obviously the good people of Ferragamo took that to heart, and created a dazzling video presentation, that in just under four minutes, manages to tell the story of the brand (with some beautiful shots of its home city of Florence along the way), show off the Pre-Spring 2021 collection, and also seek to share their inspiration, hoping it will make viewers want to rush out and be just as creative.

Of course, the pragmatic goal of showing said collection was achieved, and can obviously be viewed from this point on at one’s whim—no need for an official invite. But it perhaps also exhibited that the fashion world, hit particularly hard by the coronavirus quarantines (let’s face it, if you’re not going out, you’re not dressing up), can decisively innovate its way back. It also suggests a new way forward for fashion weeks in general, as the skyrocketing costs of presenting have become a much buzzed about issue, especially for younger, up-and-coming designers.



But Ferragamo CEO Micaela le Divelec Lemmi sees it in a bit more ethereal light, considering the global populace has gone, and is still going through this crisis together.

“At a time of profound change such as this,” she offers, “standing together and being part of an innovative project like Camera Moda’s is an important place to start (again). With this video we wanted to create a collective vision of the world of Ferragamo; to affirm who we are, our roots, as well as to celebrate those characteristics, such as the ability to face the challenges brought by the present with strength and flair, which made our founder so unique. A message of strength not just for us, but for everyone.”

Like so many other industries, fashion will survive and in many cases thrive. But, as this Milan Fashion Week has indicated, do expect profound changes in the way we sell, buy and live with our style choices.


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