American Men’s Designers Rejoice! NYC Men’s Fashion Week Might Be on Its Way

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Photo: Matteo Prandoni/

To editors, it might seem almost inconceivable that fashion week month could further expand, but to members of the menswear industry, to quote The New York Times, it is in fact, “nothing less than a point of national pride.” 

And as sponsors sign on, this dream for menswear designers is getting closer to reality. Apparently the CFDA has begun research to see what kind of funding a dedicated men’s fashion week could have in NYC. All the other major fashion cities already have separate men’s events, this would be a major boon to the NYC economy (hotels, restaurants, spas, and all the other fashion week accoutrements) but more importantly, allow American men’s designers to feel at home when they present to buyers.

Designer Michael Bastian who holds sales appointments with buyers in June in Milan in addition to staging a runway show in New York in September told The New York Times, “Theoretically we could be showing in Milan. I just never felt comfortable showing anywhere but America. We’re an American brand.”

We hope to see you soon, fashion dudes of the USA.