Marc by Marc Jacobs Closes: Marc BYE Marc Jacobs!

Say it with us: “Marc BYE Marc Jacobs.” Photo: Lucas Flores Piran for Redken, backstage at Marc by Marc Jacobs FW15

Marc by Marc Jacobs closes? Yep. Oh, MBMJ… hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave… especially since it means a better, all-encompassing Marc Jacobs main line. Just because the contemporary line is shuttering doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to contemporary prices, too. Since big Marc Jacobs is taking little into the main line fold, that means a wider range of pricing — starting in the low triple digits.

Big question: what will happen to Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier, creative directors behind Marc by Marc Jacobs? According to, word is that Hillier is safe, with a role being planned for her at Marc Jacobs. Bartley, on the other hand… we just don’t know yet.

LVMH is upping their daily involvement as Robert Duffy backs his own involvement down. LVMH now owns 80% of the Marc Jacobs brand, while Marc himself and Duffy retain the remaining 20%

LVMH is doing what’s best for the company’s growth — the whole reason why Jacobs stepped away from Louis Vuitton was to focus on the growth of his own house — and for it to be good for LVMH, it’s going to have to be good for the customer. Let’s watch and see what they offer…

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