Madonna & Lourdes Cut Ties with Taylor Momsen

After a year of questionable tabloid headlines and papparazzi pics of scandalous outfits, Taylor Momsen should not be surprised at all to hear that she’s not the ideal face for a teen clothing brand, even if it is run by Madonna. The pet project of Madge and Lourdes, Material Girl, is a budget fashion line sold at Macy’s, with most items ranging from $12 to $40, and Momsen has served as the label’s spokesmodel since launching last summer, until now.

Momsen’s preferred style of goth-ghost-turned-prostitute doesn’t exactly jive with Material Girl’s look — tasteful and fun separates, appropriate for biology class or trips to the mall, with a touch of the “rock star” aesthetic Madonna favors. On the website, the brand’s call for submissions of the next Material Girl is still live, in spite of official statements claiming Kelly Osborne as the new face of the company. With Kelly’s recent transformation to clean up her image since her time as the loudmouth, obnoxious younger sister on The Osbornes, she’s a much more appropriate match for the clothing line. And unless Madonna and Lourdes aim to produce a line of clear stripper heels with money in the soles, Taylor Momsen will do well to steer clear of any fashion collaborations until she grows out of this haute-hooker phase.

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