M.A.C. Cosmetics is Making an Aaliyah Makeup Collection

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“The people united will never be defeated” is a phrase usually reserved for protests and rallies but, today, it’s also the best way to sum up M.A.C. cosmetic’s big announcement. No, not the mysterious Nicki Minaj project. The other one.

Two years and 26,000 signatures on a petition later, the makeup brand finally announced they’re creating a collection to honor the late singer Aaliyah. In a brief email statement, they didn’t mince words, saying: “You made it happen!”

Damn right we did. The project began with a Change.org petition backed by Aaliyah’s brother and estate and grew into a huge Instagram account almost 18,000 followers strong that imagined what the products would look like. The announcement also couldn’t come at a better time, as tomorrow marks the 16th anniversary of the R&B singer’s death.