Is Liu Wen the New Face of the Newly Fashionable Apple Watch?

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Last week’s viewing of the Apple Watch, set at Colette, during Paris Fashion Week made one thing unmistakably clear–Apple intends to make this watch a must-have #techcessory (I coined that, people).

And what’s just as chic as pop-up’s at one of the world’s most renowned high-fashion concept shops? A very top model, of course. It seems top model Liu Wen can’t contain her excitement about what may be a very big casting. At the pop-up, she insta’d–see below, with the caption: “My second meeting with the Apple Watch, this time in Colette! The first time? Well, you’ll see soon.” I hope this means she’ll be starring in the campaign: 1. she’s gorgeous, duh, and 2. well, after a hintsagram (groan, I know) like that, it’d be kinda embarrassing if she isn’t.