Lindsay Lohan Looks Amazing in First Fashion Editorial in Ages

Who among us doesn’t have a soft spot for Lindsay Lohan? Sadly, most of the actress’ attempts at staging a comeback have fallen short, but she’s looking better than she has in years, as shown in this editorial, lensed by iconic photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

The images, which feature Lohan in various states of undress, were shot for No Tofu magazinea little known title that’s about to get a lot of buzz thanks to the potent combo of Lohan and von Unwerth.

And while Von Unwerth’s photographs are generally flattering (thanks, primarily, to her tendency to shoot with a strong flash), what’s most notable is how vibrant and present Lohan looks. We haven’t seen this range of expression on the actress’ typically sleepy-looking visage in ages, and it begs the questions: Is Lohan ready to take another stab at acting? Are we on the cusp of the Lindsay Lohan comeback we’ve always pined for?

Perhaps it’s best to temper expectations, but these snaps are a promising start:




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