Liberace Meets Lanphear in DYLANLEX’s Jewelry Collection

Jewelry designer Drew Ginsburg is revolutionizing the concept of DIY jewels with her new ornate line, DYLANLEX. Ginsburg’s statement collection is far from the customary crafty nostalgic variations — nothing about this Philadelphia native’s pieces say homemade, rather these elaborate constructed neckpieces simultaneously scream super luxe modernity and vintage elegance.

“A lot of it is breaking old pieces up and putting them back together in my own way,” explains Ginsburg of her painstaking creative process. “I’m always inspired by vintage pieces like, 1920s vintage brooches or art deco jewels. I like clashing that with edgier tribal pieces from places like India and Nepal.”

Her distinctive mash-up caught the attention of her social media followers who begged the 27-year-old to launch a line. “It definitely lit a fire under my tush to pursue it full time. The blog was just a way for me and my younger sister Lex to show our vintage finds- but I do fully credit it and Instagram for making me realize that jewelry was my true love all along.”

Looking back it’s obvious that the talent of this former fashion designer (who recently quit her design gig to focus on DYLANLEX full-time) lay in assembling these rebel-chic necklaces.

“I’ve always been attracted to shiny things.” The first piece to hook Ginsburg’s attention was an art deco necklace shaped like a dagger and made with naturally aged Swarovski crystals she spotted in a vintage shop as a little girl. “I loved that it was feminine, but boyish. It was unconventional and rad.”

DYLANLEX’s handcrafted bib necklaces aren’t for accessory wallflowers. She describes her edgy and tomboy influenced look as a perfect style equation of monochrome Liberace meets Kate Lanphear. “I am also designing for the girl who shamelessly still loves that Mary Kate Olsen phase when she wore vintage bling on bling like it was nobody’s business.”

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