#GIRLBOSS Squared = Sophia Amoruso Styles Lena Dunham for #NOTTHATKINDOFTOUR

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Lena Dunham has been styled for #NOTTHATKINDOFTOUR, in Boston today, by the woman who coined the phrase, NastyGal founder Sophia Amoruso. It’s a logical partnership–Sophia’s logical moniker suits Lena equally well.

In a six-hour dress-up session that Lena (in typical form) emphatically called “the most fun thing that’s ever happened to me,” the two selected 15 outfits–Lena’s entire tour wardrobe.

Sophia added class to each ensemble. Discussing a vintage t-shirt reading: “I Like it In My Ear.” Dunham told WWD: “It’s witty but refined [paired] with a black pleated leatherette skirt. It tones down the t-shirt. Knowing me, I would have put it with cut-offs but Sophia sufficiently classed me up.”

For her part, Dunham imagined elaborate characters for each outfit (as any screenwriter might). She calls a white biker jacket, “divorcee getting her groove back.” An outfit comprised of a leather skirt, a Bart Simpson tee and a leopard coat is labelled “Waiting Around Max Fish to Get Laid,” while a black neoprene dress and platform Mary Janes is “I’m at a Book Party Putting Finger Food in my Purse.”

Furthermore–the two have collaborated on an exclusive “Not That Kind Of Girl” tote, and, should you see Lena on tour and love her look, you can shop it here, on her exclusive page on NastyGal.

In case you couldn’t tell, I consider myself one of Ms. Dunham’s biggest fans (shameless moment, right now), and can’t wait to see the looks she rocks throughout the tour.