Langley Fox Hemingway Made Some Cute Socks for You

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One thing that makes getting out of a warm and comfortable bed slightly easier? The promise of cute and cozy socks. And Stance’s new socks, in collaboration with– and even cooler, illustrated by– Langley Fox Hemingway are some of the best I’ve seen.

Personally, I think a fun sock drawer filled with brighter colors than the clothes you might wear, or kookier patterns, is as important as an underwear drawer filled with garments that make you feel sexy and confident.

And I wouldn’t mind having these four pairs of socks peeking out at me each morning. Each pair is representative of Langley’s artistic style. Whether tucked and hidden in your denim, or peeking out of oxfords on a warmer day, with a skirt, these socks are mood-brighteners for sure. I’m particularly fond of the Revel socks which feature hand-drawn eyes which are equal parts edgy and homemade cute.

Get your own pair here.

langley fox revel