L.A.’s Crybaby Presents Unveils Ridiculously Cute Promo Video

If you don’t know who Crybaby Presents is, get familiar. The Los Angeles-based clothing brand is known for crafting out-of-the-box garments for retro-inspired girls that never take themselves too seriously, because snobby style is simply boring. To drive Crybaby’s fun-all-the-time vibe home, founders Dakota Solt and Lisa Ziven has just released an adorable new video promoting their spring/summer 2013 collection. 

Titled "I Dream of Crybaby," the 1:48 clip directed by Erik Anders Lang features Solt and Ziven getting dressed while playing throwback records and being generally cute. The girls note that "this not-so-silent film was inspired by the comedic sketches of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin and quirky shows from 1960’s like Bewitches and I Dream of Jeannie."
Watch the video below and shop all the looks here
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