Kristen Stewart Embodies Coco Chanel in New ‘Gabrielle’ Campaign Film

In the new campaign film for Chanel’s upcoming ‘Gabrielle’ handbag, Kristen Stewart takes on the persona of the iconic designer and goes on an emotional journey through a big warehouse.

The film is directed by Daniel Askill, and sees KStew (still with her hair) running around and turning off light bulbs, before seeing a beautiful bag and freaking the f*ck out. Naturally, a chandelier falls and shatters dramatically. Even more naturally, Stewart sees the word ‘Gabrielle’ written on a window and starts breathing really intensely.

Stewart’s video will be the first in a series of films coming out this month each week, with others featuring Chanel’s collection of handbag ambassadors, including Cara DeLevingne, Caroline de Maigret, and Pharrell, the first man to front a Chanel bag campaign.

Check out KStew’s film below:

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