If You’re Going All-Ass, Jean Paul Goude Might as Well Take the Pic

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The goal? To #breaktheinternet. The woman up to the task? Kim Kardashian.

It’s true, of course. She is. People are talking, and what they’re saying kind of isn’t the point. All one needs to #breaktheinternet is to be the topic of conversation, and Kim Kardashian West has proved herself able to do this time and time again.

If you’re going to take such a photo, as Kardashian is already wont to do on her own, (case in point below) then one way to add some high-fashion cred is to have photographer Jean-Paul Goude (responsible for Chanel campaigns and of course, the image of Carolina Beaumont that predates one of the two covers, the Champagne Incident), behind the lens.


Though it’s pure speculation, Kim seems, to the psychologist’s daughter in me, to be ever-conflicted–a part of her eager and willing to embrace her own sexuality, that famous butt, etc. but still desperate to fit in with the cool kids (the Anna Wintours and Beyonces–yes, even post-Vogue cover)–and in that sense, this photograph, whatever our personal reactions may be, works to Kim’s advantage entirely, allowing her the best of each world.


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