Kate Middleton Wore a Bikini Outside of Her Home, Palace Surprised Someone Photographed Her

Look, it’s hard to write even a paragraph when you’ve basically covered all of the important stuff in a headline, but let’s reiterate the nonsense here, shall we? Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge (and nicknamed Kate with a K, for some goddamn reason), is pregnant. She is also very famous, so, naturally, people are really into seeing pictures of her, especially in her current delicate state. So when Kate went on vacation holiday on a private island in the Caribbean, someone with a camera, whose job is to take pictures of famous people like Kate Middleton for regular folk to look at, took her picture while she was in a bathing suit. And now officials at Buckingham Palace are pissed off, because they forgot how often this sort of thing happens. 

[via USA Today]

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