@donalddrawbertson x Kara Ross: A Match Made on Tinder

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Collaborations are a dime-a-dozen nowadays (and that’s not to say we don’t love them) but often, they arrive with so much fanfare that a Wang branded hat for H&M shuts down half the internet, and is instantly recognizable.

anna and karl

It’s not to say that you’ll be struggling to identify the bags in Kara Ross’s new collaboration with Insta-sensation @donalddrawbertson, but, as they’re one-of-a-kind hand-painted works of art, they certainly won’t be ubiquitous.

donald lipsNote the hang tag–it’s python with an image that’s 50% made up of Kara’s jewels and 50% Donald’s drawing

The collaboration initiated (naturally) on Instagram. (Though when I ask how they met, Donald jokes, “on tinder”).

The bags range from $95 for a pouch with the duo’s hashtag, #diamondsandgaffertape to super high-end totes in python. Just yesterday, the pair (who were fast-friends) co-painted and gaffer-taped 160 totes on Kara’s dining room table. The bags are intended to be wearable art (although they’re so special wearing one would require a fastidious commitment to avoid dirt, floors, and people in general).

“Women multitask–whether you’re a mother, or working, you’re constantly carrying things around, so you can have an original piece that speaks to you,” Ross says of the collection.

The totes themselves, which range from calfskin to python to waxed canvas, are almost all shades of brown, and were inspired by the Whole Foods grocery bag–a recurring theme in Donald’s work, and “a perfect fit for Donald’s high/low style.”

donald at workJust a casual BlackBook exclusive on-site commission

donalddrewme@donalddrawbertson for BlackBook. Donald approves of Stan Smiths.

Finally, “How do you feel about North West painting on a Birkin?” is a question I felt needed to be addressed. Robertson, without hesitation exclaims that it’s “awesome,” and is also a proclaimed fan of the George Condo work Kanye commissioned for Kim. “I literally steal ideas that my kids have all the time,” and adds, “That’s what children are for.”

Run, don’t walk, to see Kara’s beautiful window display, at 655 Madison, and if you’re lucky, snag a one-of-a-kind work of art to call your own.

bags 2