John Galliano Headed to Margiela?

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The rumor mill is swirling with talk of what would be a pretty remarkable second chance for John Galliano who made a very ungraceful exit from Dior circa 2011 after a drunken anti-semitic rant caught on tape.

If however, rumors that he will take the helm at Maison Martin Margiela, are true, perhaps Galliano, who has said that he feels his best designs are still within him, might be able to redeem himself in the fashion world, if not through his words, then through his work. Renzo Rosso (founder of Diesel) has not confirmed the appointment, but did say, “Who wouldn’t like to work with him? If he ever got back his name, I would be the first to produce his collections.” Margiela would be the first big name at Margiela since Margiela himself left in 2002. The house remains very highly-regarded for it’s modern, avant-garde styles, and would undoubtedly be a major point of re-entry for Galliano.