Isabel Marant Showing Her First Menswear Line at Paris Fashion Week


Isabel Marant will show her first menswear collection tonight at Paris Fashion Week, as a complement to her womenswear Spring 18 line. The men’s clothing will be cut from the same fabrics, just altered to better fit the male figure.

“It’s very on for girls to borrow their boyfriends’ clothes, but actually my husband is borrowing my clothes,” Marant told Vogue. “So I just wanted to show the reverse point of view: saying that men could also borrow womenswear.”

The collection will feature plenty of knitwear – tees, sweatshirts – as well as trousers and shorts.

“Sometimes you have sweaters where the neckline doesn’t really work for men, or the shoulders,” Marant continued. “I was thinking it was a bit stupid not to do it, because in the end it’s quite easy and natural for me.”

Her more affordably priced Étoile collection will also begin to offer men’s pieces in the new season, though Marant is still not going to go completely into the masculine world.

“My aim is not really to go into menswear completely,” she said. “I don’t want to go into making men’s fashion shows and all that; but always to have in the collection a translation of what I think could be good for men from my womenswear.”

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