‘Inside CHANEL’ Explores the Designer’s Iconic Collaborations w/ Art + Film



If you’re seeking a binge-worthy alternative to sociopathic big cat collectors or soulless Ozark-based money launderers, take a peek at the House of Chanel’s Inside CHANEL collection of micro-documentaries. The series, which began in 2013, explores the world of legendary founder/designer Coco Chanel from every imaginable angle.

The newest additions to the series explore the special relationship that (real name) Gabrielle Chanel maintained with the creative world. The first episode, Chapter 27: Gabrielle Chanel and the Arts, sketches a portrait of a woman who was both an observer and a collaborator, and who played an integral part in an incredible cultural revolution. The documentary highlights her relationships with Cocteau, Dali and Picasso, amongst other artists, and how they influenced her perspective, and ultimately her work.

The second episode in the arts series, Chapter 28: Gabrielle Chanel and Cinema, illuminates her contributions to film as both a costume designer, muse, and champion of some of the era’s most notable filmmakers. From Hollywood’s golden age to the French New Wave and on to the edges of the avant-garde (and including Jean Renoir’s exalted 1939 masterpiece The Rules of the Game), Gabrielle Chanel’s imprint has stamped modern cinema icons with the indelible mark of modernity. And thusly, the Chanel aesthetic and philosophy remain forever imprinted in the credits of women’s lives, both onstage and in the streets.

Upcoming episodes will discuss contributions to the worlds of dance, literature, and music. Start binging at inside.chanel.com.



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