Industry Insiders: Lyz Olko, Co-Founder of Obesity & Speed

After Gwen Stefani wore one of the first shirts Lyz Olko designed, the demand for Olko’s homemade apparel soared. Her response: Olko and her partner Josh Conner created the New York-based clothing line Obesity & Speed in 2003.

With a name inspired by an obscure Huggy Bear song and a style that’s both dark and humor-filled, the line has debuted in Japan, LA, NY, and such recognizable stores as Urban Outfitters. Other celebrities that have worn the brand  include Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, and Jared Leto. With its bold embroidered statements and edgy casual wear, Obesity & Speed’s collection continues to grow. “Go hard or go home," Olko says.

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