Ice Bucket Madness as Bettered by Miu Miu Fall 2014

I’m used to ice. The feel of it on your butt as it seeps through your jeans when you slip over on the street trying to maneuver around with an enormous Sophie Hulme bag strapped to your arm in the mid-November rain, or the frosty looks you get from industry bigwigs. But alas, I am referring to neither of these when I talk about the fashion industry’s current fascination with ice. The world has gone ALS Ice Bucket Challenge crazy.

I really started paying attention late last week when Bee Schaffer challenged her mother to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. “Wow” I hear you cry. ”Shock horror…WHO?” Although they don’t share a surname, Bee’s mother is none other than Queen of the Icicles herself, American Vogue Editor in Chief and Creative Director of Condé Nast, Anna Wintour.  Now, I admit, I freaked out a bit on hearing the news. The idea of seeing ice-cold water being poured over the most important figure within the industry was rather exciting. The chilly water sliding off her bob like a downpour on a fresh gabardine Burberry trench, pooling on her Oscar De La Renta swathed lap as she sat, menacingly, glasses super glued to her face. I also didn’t think she would do it.

However, I was wrong and Anna is a good sport. She accepted with grace and dignity, letting out only a little wince as her family drenched her. (Victoria Beckham fared less well, literally being hurled from her knees, face down into the Astroturf, as her boys poured gallons of water over her petit frame.)

Watch Anna Wintour accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge here.

But it makes me wonder. It’s all very well watching your favorite celebrities as you’ve never seen them before, erect nipples and all, but how many of us actually donate because they have seen someone do it? Are we all waiting for an excuse to be nominated to show how well we handle having a bucket full of ice cubes hurled at our heads, and then donate the $10 we would normally spend on Wednesday-night-wine-for-one? I, for one, am looking forward to Donatella Versace accepting the challenge (nominated by Mario Testino.

Whatever happens, If I get nominated, all I know is that you’ll have to give me more than 24 hours to grab some Fall 2014 Miu Miu, because that show was waterproofed to the extreme. Thanks Miuccia.

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