How to Wear Art on Your Sleeve, from Joseph at #LFW

There’s nothing like a little continuity with your fall fashion. In celebration of London concept store Joseph’s 25-year anniversary (stateside, we know Joseph for its contemporary line,) the company is releasing a new sweater for fall, different from the rest of the collection in its provenance. Like the current windows at the store, the sweater in question was inspired by photographer/journalist/stylist Michael Roberts’ photographs, which he created for Joseph 25 years ago. The photographs themselves were inspired by the aesthetics of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. So the sweater is Haring/Basquiat derivative. Got that?

After spending time in New York, immersed in the art scene, Roberts flew the coop for London, bringing his newfound inspirations with him. 

Set up for the London Fashion Week crowds to see, the current store windows feature the prints and patterns we associate with those artists of the ‘80s. Joseph’s creative director Louise Trotter created the Haring sweater in commemoration of that original collaboration, and it’s available at the 77 Fulham Road store, as well as online, now. 


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