How an Upmarket Gym Becomes a Luxury Sleep: Naomi Campbell Stars in the New Equinox Hotels Campaign


For our part, we never much looked to hotels to take care of our health. Indeed, our biggest concerns were always more like, Can the lobby deftly do double duty as a social space?, and, Can the bar turn out a good dirty martini?

But the priority given over to health and wellness the last 15 years or so cannot be denied. And so it was surely only a matter of time before some or other upscale fitness club slid its brand over to the hospitality biz. To be sure, Equinox Hotels will be launching at New York’s Hudson Yards later in 2019 – though the specific details are still pretty hush hush. (You can safely expect it to, um, have a world class health and fitness facility.)



To tease the opening, Equinox enlisted her royal supermodelness Naomi Campbell, who at 48, looks fantastically like she spends quite a bit of time at the gym. The short film was shot in equally fantastical fashion by Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio.

“I’ve been a longtime admirer of Equinox,” says Ms. Campbell, “and how they have set up their brand as a lifestyle with immense attention to detail. This is something I can certainly identify with and was proud to be a part of. Hotels are an obvious extension of this brand…”

We’ll certainly report any additional news as the opening gets closer. Until then, here’s the Naomi-starring clip.


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