Highlights from the Thierry Mugler FW11 Livestream

Today’s Thierry Mugler womenswear show in Paris was as theatrical as we’d hoped it would be. And thanks to the French fashion house’s livestream, which included four rotating cameras backstage and a front-row-center view of the show, we felt like we were right there with first-time runway model Lady Gaga and Mugler Creative Director Nicola Formichetti. Save for a few stumbling models, the production itself was staged like a French techno music video, and Gaga looked right at home. There was a lot going on both backstage and during the show, so we jotted down some key moments caught on the all-access livesteam.


● The show was set in a custom-designed cathedral in a Paris gymnasium. ● Fans were screaming “Anna! I love you!” in the streets as Anna Wintour walked inside the venue. ● The mood was busy backstage, but cheery for the most part. ● Formichetti’s Mugler inspiration sculpture made an appearance backstage, hanging on the main wall leading to the catwalk. ● When asked what he might expect of Formichetti’s debut Mugler womenswear show, designer Jeremy Scott said, “My mind is completely free of expectations.” ● Terry Richardson was backstage taking photos of a nervous Gaga, following her every move. ● When asked if she’s nervous, Gaga quips, “If I vomit on the stage, it’ll be good press.” ● A few models exclaimed “I love you!” to Gaga as she walks past them backstage. ● Formichetti and Gaga embrace prior to the show, both a little on edge. ● As expected, the show opens with Gaga’s new single, “Government Hooker,” setting the aforementioned French techno mood. ● Models have an animated walk, attempting to strut in sky-high heels. A few models almost fall. ● Gaga emerges on the catwalk, wearing a sheer top and latex pencil skirt, smoking a cigarette, and strutting fierce. ● Lots of black, strong shoulders, sheer tops, latex, leopard accents, with some white and cobalt blue numbers. ● Gaga’s hit “Born This Way” is played twice—once after the opening track and again for the finale. ● Only one male model walks the show, which is none other than Zombie Boy – Formichetti’s skull-tattooed muse. ● Coco Rocha walks the show, as well as other top models Jessica Stam, Ruby Aldridge, Liu Wen, and Joan Smalls. ● Gaga returns for the finale, wearing a white veil and aggressively waving a white sash, wraps it around one of the catwalk columns, and disappears. ● Gaga re-emerges, this time with a relieved Formichetti, and the crowd goes wild. They walk backstage to a crowded room of press, well-wishers, and massive bouquet of white roses.

Photo: Huffington Post

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