Here’s the ‘Queer Eye’ Season 5 Trailer – With a Stunning New Track by VINCINT




While the original Queer Eye For The Straight Guy was beloved for its sense of over the top fun and camp, when the series returned in 2018, truncated to Queer Eye, it was a decidedly more heady, though no less fabulous affair.

Season 5 will premiere on Netflix June 5, and the boys are headed to our beloved city (of Brotherly Love), Philadelphia. The first trailer is here, and amidst all the fashion faux pas jokes (“You know those metal bins that you can put clothes in and burn them? Do you have one of those?”) and exuberant clowning around, it lets on that the show will be dealing with such serious matters as single parenthood, self-acceptance, and the mother of them all—reconciling religion and gayness.



We’re also loving the new single “Be Me” by American singer Vincint, which is featured in the trailer. For those who missed it, he was a finalist on the first season of The Four, also in 2018…and was born and raised in Philly, well-known for turning out glorious music talent.

With its lush, ’80s-sounding synths, and exhilarating aura, it’s a genuinely chill-inducing track. More importantly, VINCINT gives an impassioned vocal performance, with his stirring proclamation of, “That’s all I need / A reminder that I could be free” sending more than a few shivers up the spine.

“It was an honor to write ‘Be Me’ for Queer Eye Season 5,” he enthuses. “I hope it inspires you to be yourself and love yourself.”

The song arrives on the heels of VINCINT’s rapturously received debut EP, The Feeling, via AWAL (Billboard called him “a legend in the making”). Expect to hear a lot more from him in 2020.




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