Here We Go Again

Not to worry, though. Even with all the crazy deadlines that are piling up around here, we’ve managed to put together a fashion task force armed and ready to bring you all the juicy details surrounding the week’s worth of nonstop fashion shows and parties. Here’s what I’m excited for…

The Rebirth of Don Hill’s The new Beatrice perhaps? My bet is on Paul Sevigny to breathe some new life into this venerable NYC establishment. Don Hill’s will play host to the hottest parties of the week including the Another Magazine/Daved & Confused party and the Proenza Schouler after-show party.

Japanese, If You Please Tokyo-based designer Daisuke Obana brings his N. Hollywood collection stateside with a show this week that’s bound to be a welcome addition to the schedule. Obana has a vintage, Americana aesthetic with a unique street sensibility you can only find in Japan these days.

Dance Yourself Clean Tommy Hilfiger turns 25 this year and even though the designer isn’t 25 years-old himself anymore, he sure knows how to through a party like he is. He’s burning down the house, the Metropolitan Opera House that is, with a soiree hosted here that’s sure to go down in the books.

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