Happiest Hour: Spa Indulgences at Bar Bargains

We like to tell ourselves that once Labor Day passes, and the likelihood of prancing around in a bikini is starting to look bleak, we can sink into fall hibernation both mentally and physically. The truth, though, is that the daily grind wears and pulls at our precious, high-maintenance bodies and souls. Simple monotonous tasks, like grabbing a morning coffee or walking through the parking garage can result in awkward run-ins with frienemies, literal bumping into exes, and exposure to people that have you considering witness protection. Add on our communal fear and anxiety over the economic crisis and you have yourself a valid reason to spend some cold, hard cash on pampering and personal care.

Upon entering Venice’s Nite Spa—cozily situated in a house off Abbot Kinney—your blood pressure will immediately drop to an acceptable level, migraines will subside and anxiety will slowly fade into the soothing tunes emanating from the joint’s speakers. Clients are welcomed with wine or tea before indulging in body beautifying and soul rebooting services. Flexible appointment availability resembles the opening hours of a bar, thus perfectly fitting that Nite Spa is launching a happy hour. From 4-6pm daily, the Mani-Pedi combo, facials, massages and waxing services are discounted just like your favorite après work libations at the local watering hole. Beauty gratification meets bar bargains.

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