Guns In Movies Are Just “Entertainment,” Says Ah-nold

Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t in politics anymore, praise be, and he’s now back to making macho films for the 15- to 35-year-old male small penis demographic. Ah-nold got pressed by reporters about violence his new movie The Last Stand and insisted that killing people onscreen with guns is just good old-fashioned "entertainment."

According to the Hollywood ReporterThe Last Stand features "features extensive shootouts, including Schwarzenegger firing a Gatling-style gun from the back of a school bus. But Ah-nold dodged that bullet (pun intended) like the ex-politician he is:

I think one must always keep it separate. This is entertainment and the other thing is a tragedy beyond belief and serious and the real deal. … Whenever there’s a tragedy like that it would be foolish not to look into all ways of what we can do as a society to improve the situation and to reduce the risk of those kind of issues … How can we do better with gun laws? If there is any loophole, if there’s a problem there, let’s analyze it. Does a mother need to collect those guns and take her little kids shooting? … Everything has to be analyzed, no stone unturned. And I think that’s what we owe to our people, and I think that’s what they ought to do, rather than make it political.

An utter and complete dodge: he suggests partial blame for the Newtown, Connecticut, massacre was Nancy Lanza collecting guns and taking her son Adam Lanza shooting as a kid. Really, Arnold? Do you really not see your movies as complicit in the glorification of violence in entertainment that Adam Lanza could not have avoided unless he had been cloistered away like a monk? No, it’s easier to just blame the mother.

Ah-nold doesn’t even make sense, either: in one breath he asks "How can we do better with gun laws?", which is a political pmatter, and then he decries "mak[ing] it political." Which one is it going to be?

Not that I had particularly high expectations for Arnold Schwarzenegger but this is up there at the top of the list of gun-loving conservative dodges that are at once nonsensical and irresponsible.  

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