GIRLS Fashion Recap: Hannah Goes to Iowa

I don’t think we’re in Brooklyn anymore.

Hannah’s moved to Iowa to begin her new, writerly chapter and it is going to be a wild, messy, blue-paint (?!) filled ride.

This is one of those GIRLS episodes with very minimal screentime for Jessa, Shosh, and Marni, but a whole lot of Hannah, and one New York looking Elijah, come to Iowa for no discernible reason but shits and giggles.

Let’s go.

Hannah starts out optimistic, inspired by the real estate potential in Iowa, as any New Yorker would be. This was a kinda cute look IMO…I was getting some Orla Kiely/Marimekko vibes from this outfit. hannah buys house

She’s snacking on grapes, not thinking about Adam, and not worrying about whatever bejeweled sweatshirt thing Marni has going on. marni VC

But then, there is a bat in the house and she winds up locked out and re-entering through the window, going to sleep on the bathroom floor. hannah bat

This leads to one of Hannah’s most unfortunate moments. Hannah is running late to class and ends up throwing this could have been cute varsity sweater (a nod to academia) over her PJ’s. Is this some sort of reference to the nonchalant, poor fashion choices of an undergrad? Does she really think this is an OK look for the prestigious Iowa Writer’s Workshop?hannah class

We get a few brief moments of Shosh and Jessa, watching Scandal. Shoshanna seems to have reignited the flame with her larger-scale hair accessories. shosh jessa

Enter Elijah: Hannah pulls it together to go to a party and wears this dress which I really liked. (Note: I did not like the sallow cardigan or rest of the outfit, just the dress)…hannah party

But then, this happens.hannah paint

Goodbye, cute dress. Elijah, of course, looks perfectly put together in his morning-after getup, in spite of his grinding/tryst/cheering on the paint-wrestle. hannah blue dress


It’s way too soon to worry abut Hannah learning proper garment care (somehow her wrestling opponent managed to wear a bathing suit), so let’s just focus on the small stuff…

-No more pajamas to class

-Maybe Elijah can help Hannah curate a writerly-chic look? Or Marni even, with her desire to be sartorially on-theme?  Someone help this girl.

Pretty excited to track the development of GIRLS’ delightful cast of characters throughout season 4–see you next week! 

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