GIRLS Fashion Recap: Hannah’s Best Look Ever?

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hannah teaching

Bold statement or, question: is this Hannah’s best look ever? She is finally in her element, for like, the first seven minutes of this episode, and she looks good! It’s not like we’re seeing clothes tailored to her body, but it’s summer in New York City, it’s hot, and this is exactly the kind of throw-on dress we all want to wear on days like this one probably is. Sure, she’s not as chic as her students (see Maude Apatow’s cameo) but she looks put together, mostly professional, and well-accessorized. If only it would have lasted.

date outfits

Welcome to GIRLS, a land in which dates are made so easily you’d think the need for dating apps was a construct of our millennial imaginations.

Here we find Hannah revisiting an old fave, her Toy Syndrome lizard tee, which, as date attire, gets a HARD NO from Elijah (who kills it in this scene).

hannah and fran

She winds up (post masturbation-sesh) in this strapless dress–a far cry from the casual attire she’d set out to wear. Oh Hannah, there is really never a medium with you, is there!? But her lapis spike necklace is pretty cool and Pamela Love-esque, n’est-ce pas!?

jessa necklace

This episode made a strong case for necklaces/jewelry in general. Even if, unlike me, you don’t watch GIRLS three times each week to observe the details of each and every sartorial decision made, you might have noticed Jessa’s very cool, attention-grabbing necklace.

marnie bumpit

The conclusion it seems we must draw here, as viewers, is that between takes of listening to her own songs on Youtube or Soundcloud or wherever, Marnie managed to order a Bumpit and that is what we see going on here.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.29.29 PM


One takeaway from this episode: we might want to borrow from Mimi-Rose Howard and start referring to anyone with whom we’ve formerly been entangled as “ex-partners,” but I digress…


The ex-partners have chosen to keep their “ASK ME MY NAME” aprons on, the backs of which read “THAT’S A BEAUTIFUL NAME.”

“I don’t even like what I chose to wear tonight so this is actually a great solution for me,” Hannah says.

ALSO: was anyone else getting Jack Antonoff (i.e. LD’s real-life beau) vibes from Ace’s cuffed shorts look?

moments from fucking hawaii

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Not saying it means anything–just pointing it out.



MRH’s getups remain aggressively neutral. They are neither chic or fashion-forward nor oblivious or absolutely uncool. Sure, they’re a little tomboyish, but really no more so than any J.Crew catalog (sans a sparkly necklace but with a kinda cool silver one). I don’t want to dig too deep here but when the clothes are this quiet, we can’t rely on them much to draw conclusions about character so we are forced to kiss our “I hate her bc she wore a bodycon dress” excuses goodbye.