Get Excited! Kate Moss is Making a Documentary

I don’t know what happened to Kate Moss, but I’m liking it. Somewhere between being notoriously private and not-so-friendly to the press, the iconic supermodel has become quite the chatty Cathy lately, offering fans an inside look at her intriguing life by way of unadulterated interviews. She recently revealed to Vanity Fair that breaking up with Johnny Depp made her cry "for years and years," that she was annoyed with not being fed during her early modeling career, and that she nearly had a "nervous breakdown" when she had to work with Marky Mark and Herb Ritts for Calvin Klein’s legendary campaign. Wouldn’t this all be so interesting to see in a documentary?

According to the Telegraph, "cameras are trailing the 38-year-old as she promotes her book around the world, and prepares to auction off prints from it next year."  Although the doc doesn’t have a release date, sources reveal that she’s "totally on board," so let’s all get collectively excited right now. YAYYYY!
To add to the anticipation of this potentially awesome project, watch the Sundance Channel’s Kate! The Making of an Icon on Hulu this weekend.
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