Pick Your Price: 8 Super Cute Pieces to Shop from Garmentory

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For our generation, e-commerce is an addiction. But oftentimes due to unattainable price points, it feels more like the window-shopping of years past than a viable way to get clothes from store x to my door. Enter, Garmentory. Although there’s been an influx of sites focused on lower prices–from the sample-sale boom of a few years ago to more recent “re-comm” sites for selling one’s old wares in hopes that they become someone else’s treasures, these sites do not disrupt the usual shopping experience quite like Garmentory does.

Garmentory pairs you, the consumer, with small, über-chic boutiques and allows you to “make an offer” i.e. name your price. The boutique has the right to reject that offer, but in a sense that’s part of the fun. You can up your offer, but even if you don’t, you’ll surely find something else closer to your price range.

I spoke with co-founder Adele Tetangco about how this unique business model came to be.

ADELE garmentory

“I’ve been working with small fashion businesses for over 10 years,” she said, noting how much online shopping has changed the landscape. “Today, technology is providing an opportunity for a ton of cool tools for designers and boutiques to use,” she says. “I was working with a fashion label when I met Sunil Gowda (co-founder of Garmentory). We’d worked together a while ago. When we reconnected we worked through some ideas for a fashion site,” she explains. “At that time I was consulting with a group of eight boutiques so I knew their challenges first hand,”  Amongst those challenges is the problem of how small boutiques deal with extra merchandise. “It’s such a waste for stores to be putting great items away at the end of a season without having the chance to really sell through everything. Their only options were warehouse sales or hanging on to things until the next season,” Tetangco noted.

“No one was offering a service that could help. There were a lot of sale sites, but nothing that promoted the boutiques and designers directly. There were a lot that sold sale items, but they all looked like a clearance rack,” she lamented. But that problem lead to the spark that created Garmentory: “We wanted to create something that was sleek and stylish, promoted boutique fashion business and gave them a great way to sell sale items to new customers. Then Sunil had the idea for a make-an-offer purchase model — how fun is that?”

Next up?

We’re working on launching a new counter offer feature! This will make the shopping experience even more personal as customers negotiate a price with the boutique and designers directly.”

And since the selection consists of a vast array of very different pieces, I asked co-founder Adele Tetangco to select some picks for us to get started with.

“I am really into hats at the moment and am coveting this navy blue one.”

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 12.46.50 PM

“This Rag & Bone sweater is just so easy.”

rag and bone garmentory

“I love anything from Collina Strada and am just so stoked to have her on Garmentory. This jumper is on the top of my list. I love the print.”

collina strada garmentory

“To Be Announced makes the most amazing shoes. I’ve been eyeing these ones for a while.”

TBA shoes garmentory

“Apiece Apart is one of my favourite brands. These pants say it all.”

apiece apart pants garmentory

This piece is just so easy, I’d wear it with jeans.”

dace dress garmentory

“Lizzie Fortunato knows the way to my heart. Currently, it’s through this iPad cover.”

lizzie fortunato ipad case garmentory

I love this ring. It’s small, yet bold.”

ring garmentory

You can join Garmentory here.