Glow with the Flow: Hot Yoga for the Raver in All of Us

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Photo: Amy Taub

Hot yoga is not always fun. I know it’s supposed to be good for getting into those bendy yoga positions, and sweating out toxins is always a good thing, but it can get a little stifling, to say the least.

Glow with the Flow yoga at Pure Yoga is the gateway class for getting into hot yoga. The studio space is filled with black lights, and slow-tempo house music plays throughout the session. Yogis are provided neon bracelets or even neon body paint to make the class that much more fun. Maybe I’m still in my rave phase and/or easily distracted by pretty lights, but I actually enjoyed the class and got a great work-out.

Of course, you have to wear something fun to a class like this. White or light colors that will glow with black light are a must. Leggings by Onzie and Candida Maria are super comfy and come in dozens of wild prints. They’re also incredibly light-weight–perfect for an hour-long hot yoga session. We decided to pair our over-the-top leggings with more basic sleeveless tops that would allow for a graceful hot yoga sweating process. We chose tried-and-true Lululemon and Athleta tops for a similarly light-weight and airy feel. Check ’em out below.


IMG_1493Photo by Amy Taub